Thursday, March 27, 2008

Welcome, 99.5 Campus FM!

Last Sunday, 99.5 Campus FM formally made its debut. The resurfacing of Campus FM which used to belong to the RGMA umbrella was highly anticipated by the followers of the now defunct Campus Radio. The jobless WLS-FM disc jocks have finally found a new home for their music and their fans.

Here are some of the comments posted by the station's first listeners:

Happy Easter! Welcome back to radioland! Hello Campus FM 99.5!
- wandering

Welcome back 99.5 Campus FM! Keep rockin'!
- Meechshane

Congrats and good luck. At least, there's no Mike Enriquez to look over you there.
- James Ty III

Welcome back again guys matinding station 'to pati brewrats kasama pa din YEHEY!!!!!!!!!!
- kyosukenanbu

Welcome Back 99.5 CAMPUS FM!!!
- cybermyx

campus radio is dead! say Hello Campus FM!
- radiojingles

well, ladies and gentlemen, now it can be told...welcome to radio-landia, 99.5 campus fm...and welcome BACK to radio-landia, the original campus (radio) air force! klasmeyts, hanap na ng upuan!
- sirloin_steak

The same old brand new 995 Campus radio...Goosebumps na ko nito..De ja Vu...hahaha
- isahchen

THE OFFICIAL SCHOOL OF POP! Way cooooool! Welcome back!!!
- archerguy

The stingers, the announcers, everything! "The number one hit music station in Metro Manila...bringing back the Campus in your radio."
- nikobatallones

Well, as a fan of quality radio, you have my ear, too. I was out of the radio loop for a while, so I found out about this just this morning. Needless to say, it was an awesome Easter's "present" for me. Hehe.
- mistervader

Congratulations sa resurrection! Buong araw ako nakinig yesterday at punung-puno ako ng goosebumpbs; it's like seeing your long lost friend again after several years.

- ex deo scientia

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Anonymous said...

I am the "wandering" Hahaha. I'm a blogger too :>