Thursday, April 10, 2008

I signed up for PPP!

I am so excited. After only a month, I am already getting paid for my post in my blog. Thanks to PayPerPost.

I was recently introduced to this website, PayPerPost by a friend. I was inspired by how much she was earning from writing to her blog. Her earnings average thousands of dollars monthly. She was even able to get her entire family on an expensive beach vacation because of her earnings. She inspired me. So I decided to sign up.

PayPerPost is a site that pays for creating posts on your blog. The best part of it is that sign up is free. Unlike many other sites, the requirements are very easy to meet. PayPerPost requires your blog to be 30 days old only, unlike other pay sites which require a minimum of 90 days of blog existence. And there are several opportunities for earning each day!

I'd like my all friends everywhere to know about this good news that I am now enjoying. I’d like to introduce everyone to PayPerPost and like me, earn from doing what they love the most--writing. Please spread the good news by word of mouth ethics. I know I will be doing everybody a bit of good deed if you sign up.


Anonymous said...

Congrats, Jaybee! I am so happy that you're on your way to earning big bucks! Keep up the good work.

4ever7 said...

Thanks friend! If you noticed, I wrote about you because you inspire me a lot!!!

Ely said...

Wow. Talaga lang. Ayan gayahin natin si Honney, laki ng kita sa blog. hehehe