Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ramiele Malubay Victimized?

Ramiele Malubay

After being eliminated from American Idol, a blog entry supposedly posted by Idol hopeful Ramiele Malubay quickly spread over the Internet. In the post, the reality show contestant apparently aired her grievances and complaints about the top-rating reality show.

The blog post was made a day after the results night, Thursday, April 3, 2008. Here is what was posted on her alleged MySpace blog: "I am so sad on what happened but not because of the people's decision, but what the staff told us. Please do not send me messages until I finish my statement.

"I am still here in California, by the way please vote for David Cook to be the 7th American Idol, I know he will, let's pray for him, inspirational songs for next week, and I chose heal our land but I can not sing that anymore."

Her blog post also revealed that there was a technical glitch she discovered on the voting system of American Idol. "There are news from people here in USA who were mad, cause they were dialing my number but instead of thank you for voting ramiele, it was thank you for voting other's name.

"Technical problem. This problem is the same as on the case of Chris Daughtry."

In the fifth season, Chris was in the final four. Though Idol judge Simon Cowell expressed that he thought Katherine McPhee would be eliminated, the vote turnout revealed otherwise. When Ryan Seacrest bade goodbye to Chris, he was obviously surprised.

The blog also mentioned about the way they choose the songs that they are going to perform and how it also affects the voters.

"You know every week we have theme, and they told that few weeks before that week. They gave us list of songs and we choose our song, but sometimes you can hear from some staffs, ‘Oh it's not for you try to sing fast songs' and they called me lullaby instead of Malubay.

"The staff also arranged the songs and most of the times judges didn't like it, and they told us about the blocking like when I performed In My Life, Simon didn't like the stair drama.

"In the case of Brooke, they told Brooke not to use guitar but she insisted it and she had a wonderful job."

Lastly, the blog entry also pointed out that American Idol hype up some issues to get a good rating. One example was the case of David Hernandez, who, according to reports, is a former stripper.

"The pilot episode's rating was lower than season 6, and they make some noise, and they won. What noise? The stripper issue, the racy photos which are not, the my space video, the album of Carly [Smithson], etc.

"Josiah Lemming [one of the semi-finalists in Season 7] was mad at American Idol because we know he deserves to be on top 6, cause they pick those who would make noise."

Those mentioned in the blog entries as "noisemakers" were David Archuleta and Syesha Mercado. "David Archuleta won star search, Alexandria [Lushington] and David made a noise cause they were co-semi finalist in that said show, Syesha was the one in the US version of star academy."

In the end of the blog entry, "Ramiele" explained that she was expecting that her blog could be suspended after she published this information.

"Few hours after the result's night I made a blog that tells everything I know what happened on my MySpace where Mr. Damian grass of Associated Press used my blog for those racy photos.

"If you can help me please put on your blog all the things that I said. Chris of American Idol 5 was disappointed cause of the technical problem, and look what happened to Taylor hicks and Chris. That's why AI showed some clips about post idol life."


Shawie said...

Is that right? Oh well, she could have stayed for yet another week or two... but that's how it is:0 at least, she had the exposure and for sure will be popular when goes back to PI, hehehe..
Thanks for sharing!

4ever7 said...

Yeah, that's right, I'm sure she'll be OK when she goes here for her visit!

Anonymous said...

oh no, there is no way she could have said those things. parang nega naman. but i like's just unfortunate na napasama sya sa season na to where most of the finalists eh medyo seasoned performers na. sana naman she can come home for a visit. yah, i am sure she'll be okey. btw, nice blog.

Anonymous said...

the first time i read this i was like huh?! i don't think it came from ramiele's blog. it's not in her personality to be that bitter. i don't think she has so many offers one day after her elimination. not that soon and the altagracia soap is like huh?! another remake from ABS-CBN. hahaha.

i'm okay with her supposed winner. she is david cook's little poy. hehe.

Anonymous said...

i don't think she has as bad a grammar as the alleged blogger. besides they usually sign a confidentiality clause that keeps them from saying anything about american idol. that entry is obviously fake, maybe done by someone who wants her discredited.

Anonymous said...

I do not believe there was this "technical" glitch you speak of. When you vote it does not say "Thank you for voting for so and so" it says "thanks for voting for contestant 1 or 2 or 3 or 4"

If you voted you would know that. To say they said someone elses name is stupid. I have yet to vote and they say a contestants name. I have voted for several of the contestant (never Ramielle by the way) and they have never used "thanks for voting for 'contestant name'"

For me, this gives very little credibility to the rest of your post.

4ever7 said...

I agree with all of you, I think it's someone who's posing as Ramiele to discredit her.

Anonymous said...

It's not her. She hasn't logged in to her myspace accnt since March 3. Check here:

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