Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Novel in the Works

Aside from blogging, another task that has kept my mind active these days is writing a novel. I can't give details about the plot, but the story is something that my brother and I have been talking about since we were kids.

I was thinking about creating another blog where I could post the chapters of my story. Maybe I could be as popular as JK Rowling if my novel receives a lot of praise from fellow bloggers and netizens. Maybe I could even get a movie adaptation for my novel. In fact many Internet stories have found their way to the movies. The Korean phenomenal movie My Sassy Girl is a prime example. The movie was based on stories posted online, and it has gained so much following among lovers of Korean culture because of its great story.

I'd need a lot of editors who would be willing to give their inputs on how the story could be improved. I hope my friends can help me with this task.


Anonymous said...

Nice:)I hope one day matupad dream mo.^^ Pagsikat ka na, don't forget me huh! (Wag mo kong kalimutang batiin sa tv. :0)

Ey ♥

4ever7 said...

ey ~ LOL! Sana nga magkatotoo yan!

Anonymous said...

Hi... If you are still going to continue this very brilliant project of yours, I'm more than willing to help by editing your manuscript. I'm not a professional editor, just another aspiring Filipino writer. You can contact me at God bless.