Thursday, May 8, 2008

Social Spark is Live!

As a new blogger, I appreciate the little earnings I get from helping out online businesses that are starting out by advertising their wares on my blog. Thanks to some of my blogmates who have helped me learn the trade, I am now able to earn myself a couple of dollars while doing something worthwhile, something I really love doing.

Now I’m sharing one great opportunity to new and old bloggers alike who would like to earn extra cash. If you’re a interested in earning more money from your blog, then you have to join SocialSpark. SocialSpark is a new social community for bloggers to exchange ideas, make friends, drive traffic, link exchange and most of all earn.

Upon receiving the offer in my email, I immediately took the opportunity to sign up. I didn’t think twice. SocialSpark is surprisingly unique from other bloggers’ communities online because unlike others, SocialSpark digs through your interests so you can share your common interests with the friends you make. Searching for other users—be they bloggers or advertisers—is also very easy and intuitive. Making friends has never been this easy.

Perhaps the coolest feature on SocialSpark is that you can view the Real Rank and the Alexa Rank of a particular blog, with matching graphs that approximate the number of views over the last couple of days.

If you sign up for SocialSpark, please take the time to add me up as one of your friends. Well, at least you’re already aware of my interests, and since you’re a frequent visitor of my blog, we can also get to meet up at SocialSpark. To view my profile, go to

This post is sponsored by SocialSpark and PayPerPost.

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