Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Frank Sinks Princess

Gusty winds, strong rains, flash floods--typhoon Frank not only devastated Luzon and Visayas during the weekend but killed about 800 people onboard passenger vessel MV Princess of the Stars.

The crew decided to depart Manila even if typhoon Frank was looming over the horizon. Saturday morning during their trip, the vessel encountered engine trouble. The bad weather worsened the fate of those onboard the Sulpicio Lines' ship.

There were no signs of life when rescuers visted the capsized ship. Only a handful of survivors have turned up.

  1. Reynante Ardina
  2. Nino Lauros
  3. Wresley Blanco
  4. Antonio Gosep
  5. Jose Marie Garbo
  6. Phil Gilig
  7. Oniel Loguban
  8. Ruel Libot
  9. Estanisao Tura Jr.
  10. Philip Vasquez
Other Supicio Lines' vessels had been shipwrecked in the past, resulting to numerous deaths. In December 20, 1987, MV Doña Paz sank after colliding with the small oil MT Vector resulting to the worst maritime tragedy in the Philippines. MV Princess of the Orient, another passenger ferry owned by Sulpicio Lines, sank off Fortune Island, near Batangas City in September of 1998 as it was sailing from Manila to Cebu, also during a typhoon.

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