Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Five Rangers!

One of the funniest Japanese comic sketches I've seen on video is a series of episodes that take on the adventures--or should I say, misadventures--of a group of five people who call themselves Five Rangers.

Crayon-colored warriors, usually five in number, are called sentai in Japan. Several sentai shows have been shown in the Philippines; Bioman and Maskman stand out as the most popular ones. In the US, sentai series have been collectively termed as Power Rangers, and each generation or incarnation is actually a different series remade for the American audience.

From choosing the correct colors, to wearing the proper costume it seems as if our five heroes--who to me look strikingly unfit for the job--need to be guided by no less than their foe to keep them at par with the requirements for a sentai group.

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