Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Spark Up Your Advertising With SocialSpark!

Not too long ago, commercials on TV, print ads and radio bulletins were the only advertising media available. Long hours of drawing ideas and brainstorming concepts were needed to advertise a product to ensure success in the public. And every advertising firm wanted to ensure that their ad was better than a rival’s since they may also be doing commercials for competing brands.

Not much has changed today, but with the advent of Internet computing, advertising likewise has found a new medium to venture. Because several services are now offered online, the average consumer now has more options to choose from which enables him to get a product that satisfies him according to his budget. Even small businesses today have a better opportunity to market their wares online and be noticed by people who do transactions through the Internet.

Advertising firms do this by placing banner ads or videos in websites that people normally visit. That way, the more they are read and seen and heard, the better the chances of the product or service being sold or availed of. But an unexpected way of advertising has only recently evolved and is now generating buzz in the online community.

Blogs or online journals are now being tapped as resources for advertising products and services. As more and more people are coming up with blogs of their own and exchanging links with fellow bloggers, advertisers are realizing the importance of the blogging community and the traffic they generate. Advertising, they say is only effective if it creates a buzz and makes people interested about your product. Because blogs are visited and maintained by an ever-increasing number of people everyday, the amount of traffic they generate is enough to attract visitors to try out the products and services advertised on their blogs.

That’s where SocialSpark excels in—ensuring that partner blogs have exposure to visitors and fellow bloggers. is an alliance of bloggers known not only for the number of visits to their blogs, but also for the quality of their posts. While these bloggers promote advertising through sponsorship, they ensure that they also talk about themselves, their interests and their experiences that other fellow bloggers and visitors can relate to. All that and more ensures that these bloggers maintain a high level of professionalism when they write for themselves, their beliefs and SocialSpark.

As with fellow bloggers who are also members of SocialSpark, I write about my experiences, interests and ideologies. Technology, entertainment, music, games and travel are topics that recur in my posts because they reflect what I like and who I am. So if I were to write a sponsored post, I’d blog about the iPhone, the iPod Touch, Starcraft II, Diablo III, Windows Vista, Office 2007 and Adobe Creative Suite. That’s why I maintain a standard for myself with regard to the posts I make and the sponsorships I accept.

Like me, fellow bloggers part of SocialSpark are people who have aspirations, beliefs, interests and opinions. These opinions are those that matter because these are opinions from actual people who have experiences as real as yours and mine.

So why not visit SocialSpark? You’ll find the exposure your site needs and reap all the benefits. Spark up your advertising with SocialSpark!

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Anonymous said...

hi there, visiting you. it's been a long time since I last visited. hope your doing well. the mascots are so cute. :)

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