Friday, October 17, 2008

Dragonball the Movie

Marc Forster

Justin Chatwin as Goku
Joon Park as Yamcha
Christopher Sabat as Shenron (voice)
Jamie Chung as Chi Chi
Emmy Rossum as Bulma
James Marsters as Lord Piccolo
Yun-Fat Chow as Master Roshi
Ernie Hudson as Master Mutaito
Eriko Tamura as Mai
Randall Duk Kim as Grandpa Gohan

Dragonball is the live-action version of the highly-popular Japanese comic turned animated series turned video game.

A young humanoid boy named Goku discovers he was sent to planet Earth to conquer the planet and annihilate the human race. He however chooses to save the planet from an oncoming alien invasion. Upon his grandfather's dying request to find the great Master Roshi and gather the seven dragon balls, he sets out on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

I'll be anticipating the release of the live action version, although I think this would not be a very big hit in the box office. Also, the funny thing is that American actors are playing the role of the lead characters (Goku, Bulma, Piccolo).


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Anonymous said...

Ayoko pa munang makita ito....kinakabhan ako.....

4ever7 said...

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KenChia said...

I'm looking forward to watch the see how sucks it is

Anonymous said...

indeed...You are absolutely right.

Mohamed Suhail said...

with all other movie directors out there ..who try to match to the books .. i dont know ..why this does not ...guess we dont need a movie The Animations are good enough...