Thursday, November 27, 2008

Today is Thanksgiving

A time to be grateful for
The air we breathe,
The food we eat,
The parents we love,
The kids on our feet
The clothes we wear,
The water we drink,
The house we live in,
The thoughts we think,
The friends we hold dear,
The ghosts we fear,
The flowers in our garden,
The rooster and the hen,
The cat who plays with his tail,
The dog who fetches our mail,
The officemates we admire at work,
The neighbors who often lurk,
The blue skies above,
The rainbows and the doves,
The rivers and the trees,
The frog, forever free,
The Sun, the Moon, the stars,
The planets Venus and Mars,
The angels who guard,
And above all, the one true God!

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Anonymous said...

hi.. visiting u here to wish u a blessed thanksgiving. :)