Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Keeping our Law Enforces Safe and Secure

As the protector of peace, policemen are often revered and admired by all. And why shouldn’t they? They risk their lives to save the lives of others. It is after all, a risky business to go after criminals and catch them to maintain peace and order in the community. The ordeals they have to go through to keep law and order are often perilous, sometimes claiming even their own lives or at the very least, putting them at stake.

That’s why it is of utmost importance to ensure their own safety in their line of work. The 5.11 Tactical Jacket enhances the safety, accuracy, speed and performance of law enforcement, military and firefighting professionals. It is a two-layer, waterproof, breathable outer shell with a face of 100% nylon, and fully seam-sealed construction 12 pockets to store gear, as well as a pull-out badge holder. It has two pull-out identification panels inside zippered compartments, one on right chest, one across back shoulder blades. It also has a stow-able, adjustable, removable hood; adjustable cuff tabs; a wind-resistant zip-out fleece liner and an ANSI II Reflective Vest. Best of all, it is designed to perform in a variety of weather conditions.

The outer shell, the fleece liner and the reflective vest can all be worn separately. The 3-in-1 can also accommodate the Soft Shell as a zip-in. The 3-in-1 also incorporates the 5.11 Tactical Back-up Belt System, with pouches that attach inside the chest of the outer shell with hook-and-loop attachments for secure gear concealment and can be accessed through slit pockets.

The 3-in-1 outer shell feature long two-way zippers that run from the bottom of the jacket PAST the pit of the arms, enabling the wearer to unzip wherever and whenever needed, for underarm ventilation, a wider range of motion, and improved access to a duty belt. The outer shell and fleece liner also feature abrasion-resistant fabric at the inside waist to protect against duty belt abrasion.

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Anonymous said...

Nice jacket. How much is this? And where can I find it?