Friday, December 5, 2008

Presidentiables 2010

By January 2009, it will only be 17 months away from the Presidential elections of 2010. While there are many vying for the top spot in the government, not all of them are deserving of the title. After all, the President is responsible to steer our economy towards progress.

Who deserves to be President? Will we find a Barack Obama in the likes of our 2010 presidentiables? Will another there be another Joseph Estrada in their league? Or a Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo?


Tey said...

why did you delete your blog.? that was sad
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Anonymous said...

...hay kelan kaya mapalitan c gloria. hehe

4ever7 said...

Tey ~ I deleted my blog because Avatar has ended. And personally, I couldn't find the time to update my other blog.

don_ser ~ I too, am not a fan of our current President. Nevertheless, we have to be objective and recognize the good she has done for the country. Even Erap has done some good, IMO.