Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Suffering from Eye Floater Problem?

Have you ever looked at the bright, morning sky seeing floating orbs, spirals or squiggly lines? Have you ever been frustrated by strings or streaks that suddenly appear when looking at light? Have you ever been bothered by the fact that others are not seeing what you are? The fact is, you are not alone. Studies show that more people experience this problem more than most people think.

The eye is filled with a gel-like substance called the vitreous. The vitreous takes up about two-thirds of the eye. Over time, some miniscule debris caused by blood, torn retinal tissue, inflammation or just simple “wear and tear”—begins to float around the eye inside the vitreous. These tiny and microscopic objects may seem like they are in front of the eye, but they are actually just casting shadows. These shadows are what are seen as spots, lines or clouds. They are also commonly called eye floaters.

Floaters can look grayish in color to some, and seem like cobwebs and strings drifting about as they move their eyes. In others, they can manifest in the form of other shapes, sizes and colors.

Doctors commonly tell people who have eye floaters that this is a normal, as it is natural as one grows along in age. The truth is, eye floaters—which are generally benign—can sometimes be very difficult and painful and can be signs of more serious eye problems and could lead to impairment of vision.

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eye floaters treatment said...

Eye floaters also known as vitreous floaters which fill up the back 3/4ths of a person’s eye and hence one can observe small shadows on the retina. To individuals eye floaters appear alike tiny flecks, cobweb or cloud-like formation. There are two ways for removal of eye floaters known as vitrectomy and
laser Treatment. Laser treatment is more accurate than vitrectomy.

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Anonymous said...

The harmless floaters usually look like colorless crystal (translucent) strands and dots. Generally, people younger than 40 experience this kind of floaters. Careful observation reveals that they are regular forms of transparent strands and tiny spheres.
There is no treatment for harmless eye floaters, they are invisible to eye doctors. They are just a matter of perception. The acuity of visual system (retina + brain) is high enough to discern them. There is a spiritual tradition, Dzogchen, which considers them as Togal Visions. They are direct perception of reality without mind contours. Eye Floaters offer a lesson in the life. Their message is: learn to love life as it is and yourself as you are. The formula of this message is plain and simple: Unconditional Love.
But only the harmless ones and only the eye doctors can determine if they are benign or not.