Friday, May 27, 2011

Crowd Control Techniques

Imagine attending a concert of your favorite music artist, say Justin Bieber, or Ne-Yo, or Lady Gaga. There would be so many fans falling in line to get inside the concert venue, as they are anticipating to see their favorite artist perform. While the queues may be really long, the patience of some may not be as long. Or imagine falling in line, waiting for your turn to deposit or withdraw from the bank. The line may not be as long as waiting for your turn to get inside a concert venue, but transactions may take quite long and people may pile up. Or maybe you’re off to the Bahamas, and as you check in you are asked to fall in line to get your boarding pass. But the lines don’t end with the check in. With airport security now much stricter, lines pile up when people submit themselves for routine inspection or even when they board their planes.

To get things organized, specially-trained individuals help organize people queuing up in lines. These highly-trained individuals use crowd control products to get people stay in their lines, while waiting for their turns at the bank, for concerts, political rallies, or even when they check out their stuff at grocery stores or airports. One standard way to enforce crowd control, as well as order, is to use stanchions. Stanchions are retractable belts which use a spring mechanism or a weighted pulley system. They can also be fixed posts, with a decorative velvet rope. Some stanchions even allow customized prints on the belts!

Barricades are also an effective for crowd control. They are primarily used for traffic control, security and privacy. There are different forms of barricades; fence barricades, traffic cones, pipe and drape walls are common examples.

So the next time you watch a concert, or check in for your flight to your vacation destination, stop to look at these crowd control techniques and I’m pretty sure you won’t see them in the same way you saw them before.