Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fashion Schools: Why Not?

A good friend of mine once told me that fashion helps people express their feelings, emotions, desires, place in the society, beliefs and ideas that it actually reveals a lot about the true nature of people; fashion defines the individual. I firmly believe this. I have friends who have an optimistic view on life who showcase their positivity through the clothes and accessories they wear. Likewise, I have friends from the other end of the pole; they highlight their pessimism by wearing dark and subdued apparel.

Still, individuality does not make an excuse for people to become fashion victims just because they feel that they want to wear the clothes they wear. I’d like to think of this as something like democracy, where citizens enjoy certain privileges and perks because they are governed by the will of the people, but even so, they still have rules, laws and obligations to attend to.

A lot of attention has lately been given to fashion. Fashion TV programs have sprouted like mushrooms; fashion reality TV shows are some of the most popular programs today. But while fashion can be learned on TV, it’s still best to learn fashion by enrolling in fashion stylist schools or escuelas de estilistas as there are plenty of things that get edited out because of the time. And as demand for fashion increases in our cosmopolitan world, enrolling in fashion schools will not only ensure someone to be in style, but will also open doors to employment and compensation opportunities.