Saturday, April 21, 2012

Effective Employee Monitoring

I often read tech blogs and surf the web for innovative ideas and fresh concepts to blog about. I found that this practice is indeed very helpful, as I have discovered many new solutions to daily problems through bloghopping. Just recently, I stumbled upon a very innovative website that offers a cost-effective way to manage employee performance through utmost transparency. 

My Team Monitor allows managers and leaders to effectively and efficiently monitor their staff. This is done by tracking how and when employees work. Employee monitor software is installed in employee workstations to aid employee management. 

One way the software does this is by taking regular screenshots of employee activities on their computers. Aside from screenshots, the employee monitoring software also tracks mouse clicks, keystrokes and an employee’s total worked hours. These are sent to their supporting leaders and managers who can view these screenshots and other reports to review employee performance, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This allows trends of inactivity, non-utilization and idle time to be observed. 

Thus, those who are worthy could be more appropriately rewarded, while those who are challenged could be coached and mentored to perform more efficiently and effectively. 

My Team Monitor is really a simple, yet innovative way to work remotely with confidence and transparency. I know that business leaders, executives and managers will realize that this software will be a valuable tool for business.