Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Calypso's Murder

I wrote this poem several years ago. Enjoy.

Calypso's Murder

Last night I passed by your window.
I did not see you. Have you moved out
And realized the toilets
Wouldn't flush and the pipes were leaking?

But just the other night I saw you.
And the night before.
You, a child of the night
Bathed with moonlight, adorned with
The shimmering stars. Endowed with
The nightingale's song.

And I love you.
I loved you when I saw your long, black hair
Dance gaily to the flat tones
Of the nocturnes of the wind.

To see you would bring daylight. My sun would be
The glow in your eyes when you smile and think
Of him. Or maybe me. Or maybe her.
For I have not seen daylight in a while
And God makes the sun shine for those in darkness too.

Perhaps tonight I can see you. But if not
Then tomorrow I shall return to the monotony of work
Without a ray of light or a song of a dance
Glowing in my heart or ringing in my ears.

Then I shall die.
For I have realized that your existence
Is not as eternal
As the god of the underworld
Who choked you to extinction
And strangled you to your death.

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