Thursday, June 12, 2008

110 Years of Philippine Independence


Today, the Philippines celebrates its 110 years of independence. In June 12, 1898, the nation declared independence against Spain through a ceremonial flag raising ceremony held at the residence of first Philippine president Emilio Aguinaldo.

110 years have passed, but how free are we as a nation? How many times have we considered another foreign brand over a local variety? How many times have we succumbed to the pressure of giving in to corruption or red tape? How free are our countrymen who have nothing to eat, nowhere to reside or nothing to wear? How do we measure our liberty as a people when people who honestly pay taxes are punished by more taxes, while those who do not can live anywhere they want, or get all the money they can from the taxes collected?

Has independence become something just ceremonial, and have we forgotten the hardships that our forefathers have gone through to provide us the freedom we know today? While some have traded their liberty for slavery from poverty, sin and foreign control, we in the know must do everything we can to declare how much we love our country and how much we treasure our freedom.


RJ Marmol said...

we're not truly free. that's for sure.

4ever7 said...

Amen to that!