Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mixed Comments on Pinoy Idol

Pinoy Idol
's run has been marked by a string of varied and mixed reactions. On the whole however, Idol fans admit that this show is not living up to the reputation of other Idol shows worldwide.
Here are some of the outstanding comments to the show, taken from multiple online resources:

so disappointed with pinoy idol ! gusto ko pa rin yong philippine idol.

- shannenstef, Tsinoy

I can only compare it to american idol and philippine idol. Sad to say they still need to improve. I know they started out with the small stage but they should have done a better job in making it look like they were not cramped in one small studio. Anyone noticed the band and back up singers like that there was not enough space? I also noticed that during the recap of performances, they no longer placed the name of the contestants. Considering, there would be only 200 txt/phone and 2 hours of texting, wouldn't it be better if they posted the name of the contestant showed on the screen during the recap? Counted pa man din ang mga maling txt. I don't know if that was deliberate or just a mistake by the production. I still don't feel raymond as the host. Maybe its because I don't really watch star struck or its probably my bias towards ryan seacrest and agoncillo.
- reviewer, Pinoy Idol forum

mas gusto ko design ng SITE ng PINOY IDOL kaysa site ng INDONESIAN and SINGAPOREAN IDOL
- icedude
, Pinoy Idol forum

natuwa ako kasi alam ko mas matindi at exciting when it comes to the venue at talagang aabangan mo. But sad to say GMA 7 you failed us televiewer. It's the worst and most boring idol i ever watched. Not unlike ABC5 coverage last year kahit malabo sa Pangasinan talagang pinagtiyagaan ko. Nakakahiya naman and you let it to be air in GMA Pinoy TV. Akala ko pang world class hehehehe. To the management of Pinoy Idol , do something or miracle para naman makuha nio ang mga televiewer's interest. Alisin ang dapat alisin na di nagbibigay buhay sa show. Raymund please make the result night more exciting. We're giving you another chance kong ayaw mong mapalitan hehehe.Grabe naman ang ginawa mong pag announce hehehe di ko nafeel.
- kapusoako, Pinoy Idol forum

para sa akin ok lang ung stage ng PI. ang hindi maganda ay ung arrangement ng songs, hindi rin maganda ung audio, at ung pagkaka-edit halatang minadali! ung mga judges naman parang naglalaro lang except si Joilina, ang galing nya! sana naman makita ko ang improvement ng show na ito sa susunod na episodes!
Eduard, Tsinoy

1) I still feel that Raymond G is not the right host for a show as big as this. A second host will do wonders in the hosting dept of Pinoy Idol.

2) Mr. Editor is one incorrigible member of the PI team. Mali ang performance recaps. Masyadong mabilis at ang last performance of the night hindi kinuha ang dulo which should be the case.
3) Hindi pa rin consistent ang audio. From my end, halos max na ang volume ko pero hindi pa rin audible ang ibang sinasabi.
4) Walang improvement from the last performance night ang quality ng presentation. now i am really worried sa kalalabasan ng Top12.

5) Hindi pa rin maganda ang arrangements ni Danny Tan. At ang band....hay naku.

6) Again, i'll never get tired of saying this....REPLACE IGNACIO.
Judges comments nga pala nag-improve.
- iamatvfan, Pinoyexchange

Sana C Drew Arellano Na Lang Ang Host Ng Pinoy Idol, Or Pwede Rin Syang Co-host Ni Raymond.

- cecil_d_pooh
, Pinoyexchange

pde bang paltan si r. gutierrez?! isa siyang malaking aparador sa TV. Kapag tumabi pa siya sa contestants parang lalamunin niya ung contestant. Buti sana kung sing laki ng AI set ung set nila. All else ok naman sakin.

- centaurus_uno
, Pinoyexchange

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