Saturday, June 28, 2008

4 Months, 135 Posts, 25000 Page Views, Zero Page Rank

Today marks my blog's fourth month celebration.

Four months ago, I was a struggling blogger who had very little items on my blog and who wrote about moving in to the blogging world. 135 posts and four months later, my blog has become one of the Philippines' most popular Idol blogs. Not that I only write about Idol shows. My good friend Idol_Fanatic watches all Idol shows worldwide!

As I move on to my fifth month of blogging, I look forward to writing more entertaining posts, solicit more noteworthy critiques and earn more from advertisers.

So to me, and my friends, here's to four months of our friendship!

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I'd appreciate it greatly if you could post this entire list in your blog, and add your personal links as well. Please do this my friends, to participate in my fourth month of blogging.

Thanks a lot and many happy returns to all of us!!!


Shawie said...

wow! congrats! more power to your blog! :) have a great weekend!

Ely said...

Congrats! four months na! Pa-burger ka naman. hehehe.

Giordano said...

This is the wish of the whole team ieh!
Continue Visiting:

Anonymous said...


4ever7 said...

Thanks my dear friends for all the congratulatory remarks!

Even if this is an entertainment blog, I would still like to believe this is one that hosts personal opinions above all!

Many, many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! You've done a great job making friends of other bloggers. You were one of my first blogroll people!!! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Happy 4 months! I'm happy for u ;o)

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Wow, you made it in just four months? Great!

Thanks for the visit.

From Ailecgee

Amor said...

Congrats Jaybee on your 4th month blogging.

Anonymous said...

congratulations 4ever7. more blogging power to you.

4ever7 said...

Many, many thanks to everybody who made this possible!

Now, all I need is a Page rank! :D

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