Tuesday, August 26, 2008

See You in London

The successful staging of the 2008 Beijing Olympics will prove to be a tough act to follow even for first-world country, United Kingdom. Its chief city, London will host the 2012 Olympics.

In the closing ceremonies held last August 24, 2008, the Olympic flag was officially turned over to the Olympic officials of the 2012 host city. A London-Beijing double-decker bus, as well as pop singer and X-Factor winner Leona Lewis who sang in the closing ceremonies, also symbolized the turnover. Photos courtesy of the Beijing Olympics site.

Jacques Rogge, International Olympic Committee President hands the Olympic flag to London Mayor Boris Johnson

Photo: Jacques Rogge hands the Olympic flag to London Mayor

Photo: London mayor holds the Olympic flag

A London-Beijing double-decker bus

Photo: Red double-decker bus

Photo: Double-decker bus

Photo: Photo: A London double decker bus

Photo: A London double decker bus

Pop singer Leona Lewis performing before an excited crowd at the National Stadium

Photo: British singer Leona Lewis

The Olympic flame extinguished

Photo: Sacred flame extinguished

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