Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Survivor Philippines

Reality shows revolutionized the TV viewing experience. Gone are the days when people would turn on their TV sets to watch soap operas, sitcoms, cartoons or music videos. Now, people have an alternative. And I believe that the intensity of the drama of real people--not faked, adulterated acting from paid stars--in reality shows is key to their success.

Survivor spearheaded the reality genre. In 2000, when the first US run of Survivor was shown, it broke records, causing TV production companies to set aside their canned sitcoms and soaps to do reality shows. Eight years later, Philippine TV network, GMA 7, purchased the rights to come up with a local version of the top reality series. Dubbed, Survivor Philippines, the show will bring eighteen castaways to the Devil's Island in Ko Tarutao, Thailand, the same location used in the fifth installment of US run of the show (Survivor: Thailand).

Here are the names of the eighteen who will vie for the title of the first Pinoy Sole Survivor and 3 million pesos in cash:

  1. Anna Charisse Yacapin
  2. Chevyline "Chev" Macias
  3. Crisanto "Cris" Cartagenas
  4. Emerson Dino
  5. Cesar "Gigit" Sulit
  6. Reynaldo "Jace" Chanco Flores Jr.
  7. Jonh Carlo "JC" Tiuseco
  8. John Anthony Lopez
  9. Kristina "Kaye" Alipio
  10. Raymund Francis "Kiko" Rustia
  11. Marlon Carmen
  12. Leona Rica "Nikki" Dacullo
  13. Maria Nona "Niña" Ortiz
  14. Jervy "Patani" Daño
  15. Robert Vincent "Rob" Sy
  16. Veronica Domingo
  17. Vevherly Gador
  18. Zita Ortega
Survivor Philippines premieres Monday, September 15.

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