Friday, November 7, 2008

CNN's Holographic System

It's like Star Wars, only it's reality.

Tuesday night, in the heat of the historic count for the US Presidential elections, CNN earmarked the use of a new technology in reporting. Groundbreaking and revolutionary, the TV news network introduced offsite reporting through a holographic display.

CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer announced something that viewers should be waiting for, something that has never been done before. Blitzer told his viewers, "I want you to watch what we're about to do because you've never seen anything like this on television."

And then there it was. Mysteriously, CNN political correspondent Jessica Yellin appeared before Blitzer. Yellin was covering the Barack Obama campaign in Chicago miles away from the CNN Election Center in New York.

Yellin waved to Blitzer, saying "Hi Wolf!" as she stood a few feet away from him in the New York studios. Later she remarked, "It's like I'm following the traidition of Princess Leia. It's something else."


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you'll be laughing about this :D

Anonymous said...

I know! I just saw it the other day... It was so hi-tech! What we see in movies are slowly becomeing a reality.

Marilou / Lucky Cow Shop said...

wowwwwwwwwwwwwww ang galing!!! all those futuristics things they are showing in the movies, they are true.

they say that the US have this lab on Switzerland, am I right with the places??? Just like on Angels and Demons, there are actually labs that do those futuristic experiments.

Now, do movie writers have contacts inside the "futuristic experiment" people???

Anonymous said...

wow ang galing, sana dito sa atin magkaroon din ng ganyan ano?

4ever7 said...

I was so impressed. And des[ite the fact that CNN had been testing the technology for a while now, there was no leak of their experimentation!

4ever7 said...

Amor ~ Unconfirmed reports say that GMA is interested in duplicating the feat in the Philippines.