Tuesday, November 11, 2008

High School Musical 3: Senior Year


Kenny Ortega

Zac Efron as Troy Bolton
Vanessa Anne Hudgens as Gabriella Montez
Ashley Tisdale as Sharpay Evans
Lucas Grabeel as Ryan Evans

I have watche
d the two previous releases of High School Musical and I have high hopes for the third.

Already in theatres,
High School Musical 3: Senior Year is the first of the series to debut on the big screen. The third installment finds high school seniors Troy and Gabriella facing the prospect of separation as they head off to different colleges. Joined by the rest of the Wildcats, they stage an elaborate spring musical reflecting their experiences, hopes and fears about the future.


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RadioJingles said...

im loving this new HSM movie

4ever7 said...

I liked the third movie (for me, better than the second), although the first can live on its own.

Anonymous said...

i dont like the movie series and i do get bored though most of my friends like HSM so much... i would like to know what happens with the ending/story though...

Anonymous said...

That must be a very successful movie if they are making the third one... so its already in theaters huh! it is a big success! The teens are such a good market then for high school musical.

Marilou / Lucky Cow Shop said...

never pa ako naka watch ng kahit isang hsm :) pati yung sa tv, never pa

maganda ba? panay kanta lang ba meron?

Anonymous said...

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4ever7 said...

For those requesting for the soundtrack, I could probably post one later within the week.